Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pictures of Our House (Finally)

Yes, it has taken us quite a while to finally get this done, but it seems there are very few days when I actually have the motivation to do things. So, here are some pictures of our house.

Front Door/Entry

Living Room & Sitting Area
Kitchen (I love it!!!)

Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Nursery--The only thing we have done is paint the stripes. All the big stuff for the nursery (Crib & Changing Table) is still in Keagan's Room.

Keagan's Room--We have some decorations to hang on his wall and then I am making a quilt for when he goes to a twin bed. Then the crib and cribset which doesn't match the blue won't be there anymore.



The Haley Family said...


Joe and Marie

RaNell said...

It looks so good! I bet it feels good to finally have the rooms in order and be out from under the boxes.

I love the siting area with the piano and chair. It looks so good there.