Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Keagan's Owie(s)

Keagan has been quite the climber for a while now and the more he climbs the more daring he gets. Well, he has now had two pretty big accidents, thank goodness nothing worthy of having to go to ER or Doctor. The first one happened on Saturday a little over a week ago. Andrew and I were in the Kitchen and Keagan pulled one of our dining room chairs into the kitchen. He climbed up on it and then started to push on the back of the chair and rocking against it, the chair fell over and somehow his bottom lip got split open in a couple of places (maybe with the help of his teeth). He started screaming and then we noticed lots of blood coming out of his mouth (for those of you that really know me, knows what blood does to me!). We were trying to get his lip washed off and the bleeding to stop, but whenever we tried to put a washcloth by his mouth, he would start crying again. Later that night and the next day, he had quite the swollen lip. I, unfortunately forgot to take a picture of this.

The second one happened this past Saturday (do I see a pattern), but this time at Andrew's parents house. Keagan was staying there that night so that Andrew and I could celebrate an early Valentines Day since the day after Valentines Day we will be heading to Salt Lake to see my whole family for my sister Jeanette's wedding. Well, when Andrew picked Keagan up on Sunday morning, his parents showed him Keagan's ear which had quite the bruised spot. Once again he was on a chair, fell off and somehow bruised his ear. Here are some pictures that we took yesterday (Monday). You can see the bruise from both sides of his ear.

When we got out the camera to take some pictures of Keagan's ear, he got excited and kept putting his whole face at the camera and wasn't all that happy that we only wanted a picture of his ear. Hence Andrew's hand holding Keagan's head and the funny look on Keagan's face. The second picture, Andrew was holding Keagan upside down so we could try to get another decent picture.


Tory and Elizabeth said...

I think he should win a prize for most bizarre place to have a bruise, ow.

CORMELS said...

That looks like it hurst. Poor little guy. Owie!

The Roberts' said...

This reminds me of when you (Brenda) was visiting us, Amanda was 3 years old and she split her lip open. You couldn't even look at her, let alone help me out! Do you remember that Brenda??? What "fun" times!