Friday, June 28, 2013

Deker's Birthday

Deker turned 5 on Wednesday.  With his Birthday being in the middle of the week, it was hard to do very much, but we improvised and he had a wonderful day.  Deker woke up Tuesday morning to yellow and blue balloons and a tractor happy birthday banner hung up which he loved. 

I then made his number pancake which has become a tradition for our kids and which he asked for.  

My cousin, Marianne brought her kids over for lunch and playing in the sprinklers in the back yard.  After they left, Deker told me that he loved is family party. 

That night, we grilled hotdogs and a local splash part and my cousin Marianne & Tyler and their kids and our good friends Brandon and BarriJo joined us at.  The kids all had a great time playing in the water and on the playground and I had a great time visiting with the adults.  I am so happy that Deker loved is Birthday. 

Here is the the cake.  He chose to have a Trackhoe on his cake and Andrew, as always, made it look wonderful.
Here is Deker in all his wet glory coming over for some cake before going back to playing in the water.  As you can see, Deker is now at the age where you can't get a decent smile out of him, instead we get this crazy fake smile. 

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Dangela said...

Happy birthday, Deker!