Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What a Weekend

As you all probably know, my little brother has been living with us this summer while he attended the Northwest Lineman's Collage (where they teach them about electrical work on power poles and stuff) which is about 5 miles from our house.  This past weekend was his graduation so my parents and my sister Vera came and visited for the weekend.

First of all though...Last week Neal asked Bauer if he would carry him upstairs, Deker decided he wanted to help.  Here is how it looked: 
Now onto the graduation festivities.  On Friday morning was the Lineman's rodeo.  There were 4 different stations that each crew had to do.  Here is a picture of Neal doing the Pole Top Rescue (rescuing someone, in this case a dummy, who got hurt at the top of a pole).
My Mom and two of my boys watching. 
There was a Bucket Truck that we could get rides in if we wanted to.  We all did, with the exception of Bauer.  Here is Deker and I ready for our ride. 
Keagan and Aunt Vera ready for their ride.
Bauer trying on Neal's hard hat.
Here is a picture that my Dad took from up in the bucket truck.  I included this because when Deker and I were up in the truck, there are several things to look at.  All of a sudden Deker says "Mom, I see a farm tractor".  If you look out at the top right hand of the picture, you can barely see a Farm Tractor. 
That night was the actual Graduation.  Since Andrew was working, I got a babysitter to watch the boys so that I could go.  Here we all are outside our house after we got back. 
Neal's favorite dessert is Striped Delight.  So I made that for him.  The top is cool whip and I wasn't sure what to use to pipe something on top because he doesn't like frosting.  So I tried using chocolate syrup.  It didn't turn out the greatest, but it was worth the try.  (You can get the recipe Here on Smithalicious.)
Saturday was another fun filled day.  When I was getting my boys ready for the day, Keagan asked for a Mohawk, then Deker decided he wanted one and of course Bauer didn't want to be left out.  So,  here are my cute Mohawk boys. 
We decided to go to the Farmers Market in downtown Boise.  Vera, being the wonderful aunt that she is got "animal balloons" for each of the boys.  They all chose swords. 
Keagan has really outgrown his bike, but we were going to wait until Christmas to get a new one, but a neighbor of ours who has older boys called us earlier in the week and gave us this bike.  Keagan took a few days to figure out how to ride it since it is bigger than he was used to, but he finally got the hang of this on Sunday.  Neal got on it play with Keagan.  Keagan saw him and said "Neal stop you are making my tires go flat". 
I had read earlier in the week that the city of Boise was hosting a Celebratory ride and birthday celebration with Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong (she is from Boise and won the gold medal in 2008 & 2012 in the Time Trial).  Being the cyclists that a bunch of my family has become, we decided to go and participate.  She lead a short 1.5 mile ride from the Boise Depot to the Idaho Capitol where the celebration was held.  They had cake to celebrate her birthday and she signed posters that they gave out with a picture of her on the medal stand with her son. 

Here is Kristin talking to us for a minute before we started the ride.  She also talked at the celebration.  One thing that she said was something to the effect of when she was on the medal stand she wanted to show her son that dreams are possible and she also wanted to show all the moms that you can have dreams and goals and it is all about having a balance.  That was something that I really needed to hear. 
I was able to get a picture with her.  Then we all got a group picture with her. 
I don't have any picture of this, but Friday was also my Dad's birthday.  Because of all the stuff for graduation, we didn't really get to celebrate until Saturday.  We all got to go do dinner then came home and had Black Forest Cake, which is one of my Dad's favorite desserts. 

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Dangela said...

You guys are always up to the funnest things. What an awesome family your boys have to grow up in. They are incredibly lucky and will have the best childhood memories.