Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Up, Down and Up again.

In July, Andrew's parents took the boys for a week.  We met them in Twin Falls one Saturday afternoon so that they wouldn't have to drive all the way to our house.  Andrew and I decided to rent a Hotel in Twin Falls and stay there for the weekend.  We went to the temple, relaxed and discovered a little of Twin Falls.  Here is a picture of us by a waterfall we happened to find. 
We were so glad that we had that weekend to spend together because a lot of crazy stuff happened during the week.  On Thursday of that week, I excitedly went to an OB appointment where I should have been 10 weeks along.  During the ultrasound, it was discovered that the baby had died about a week before.  I ended up going in the following Thursday for a D&C.  It was a hard time, but thanks to all the many wonderful prayers and the support from our family and friends (both near and far), we have made it through. 

The kids have been having lots of fun playing outside, swinging, riding bikes and any other activities that we have done.  Here are some pictures my sister took while she was here of the boys swinging and Keagan jumping off the swing (his new favorite thing to do). 
Up for Keagan, I am not sure for me:
Keagan started 1st grade this past Tuesday.  He was so excited for 1st grade and eating lunch at school and it has definitely lived up to his expectations.  He loves 1st grade, being gone all day, eating lunch at school and his teacher.  He actually told me that he loves school because it is less time at home.  I still don't know how to take that comment. 
While Keagan was at school Deker, Bauer and I made him his giant first day of school cookie.
Last night, we took down the crib and put Bauer in a big boy bed.  He was so excited and kept saying "mine, mine" while pointing at his bed.  When we put him in bed last night, he didn't try to get out and just went right to sleep.  And he didn't even fall out of bed at all.  He was all smiles when I went into his room this morning. 


Caprene said...

FYI Brenda - you are the most amazing mom. You are the mom of THREE boys and you do such awesome things for them. Such lucky boys.

Karla said...

I showed Brent that same waterfall a few weeks ago while in Twin. We didn't get a good picture though.

Dangela said...

We are blessed with so many wonderful things if we take the time to look at all the little joys in our lives.