Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Happenings

In October, one of the boys in Deker's preschool co-op group turned three.  Because his birthday is in October, they decided to do a Halloween party and all the kids were asked to dress up.  Unfortunately, I had not made the boy's Halloween costumes yet.  On the day of the party, Deker decided that he wanted me to stay with him at the party and since Andrew was working, that meant we would all need to stay.  As I was going through our Halloween costume box the morning of the party and trying to find costumes for the boys, I had a light bulb moment.  Why don't I put them in their Boise State shirts, make some Boise State tattoos with my Silhouette and then paint their faces.  Here is how they turned out.
They had fun and have been asking several times since to put the tattoos on again.  That afternoon when I was putting all the boys in their rooms for nap/quiet time Keagan said "Mom, I thought Heavenly Father didn't want us to have tattoo's on".  I then got to explain that these tattoos wash off and that is OK, he just doesn't like it when we permanently do things to our bodies. 

After we got home from the party, we had a first in our family.  Our boys have never fallen asleep in their chairs/at the table...That is until now.  When we got home from the party, I fed the boys lunch.  Bauer often takes a long time to eat a meal and I will leave in him in his high chair to finish eating while I clean up.  This particular time, Andrew had called while I was cleaning up from lunch and I had kind of forgotten that Bauer was in his high chair (I know, bad mom!).  After a couple of minutes, I looked around and noticed Bauer in his high chair, asleep.
Last Friday, Keagan received an award at a school assembly.  Once a quarter the school has an assembly to give awards to kids for academics and also Citizenship.  Keagan received a citizenship award from his teacher for consistently being respectful.  I am so proud of Keagan, he loves going to school each day to learn and to play and make friends. 

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Dangela said...

Congratulations, Keagan! We are so proud of you--you are a fine young man.

I love the picture of Bauer asleep in his high chair--what a precious sight.