Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

Earlier this week Deker, Bauer and I went to The Farmstead (corn maze, pumpkin patch, etc) for Deker's preschool group.  While there, each child can pick out a small pumpkin.  I decided the perfect thing to do with those small pumpkins was to paint them.  I decided that would be a great activity to fill our Friday evening while Andrew was away working.  The boys had a ton of fun and thought it was pretty cool.  Even Bauer got into it and had fun until he started trying to put the paint in his mouth.

 The finished products (From Left Deker's, Bauers, Mine, Keagan's). 

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Dangela said...

You are one awesome mom, Brenda. I'm going to have to hire you to be Lucas' mom. You have the best ideas!