Monday, October 10, 2011

Fixing the car and the bike?

One Friday just over a week ago, Deker, Bauer and I were driving our van to the grocery store (Keagan was at school).  Just as I was about to pull into the parking lot the van starting making a really strange sound.  Then as I was pulling into a parking stall it starting smelling really bad.  I called Andrew in a panic, who was in Seattle driving a Semi.  After telling him what was going on, he told me not to drive it.  Thank goodness we have lots of friends that were willing to help.  One friend came and drove me and my boys home.  Another friend of ours took their Friday night, came to my house to get the van keys, drove to van, figured out what was wrong with it and then towed it home for us.  Andrew actually pulled into town about the time that they got to the van, so we was able to meet them at the store to help tow it back.

On Sunday afternoon, this same friend came over and helped Andrew replace the water pump.  While they were outside working on the van, Keagan and Deker decided that their Trike and toy car needed fixing as well.  They talked Andrew into letting them use a couple of tools then proceeded to do some intensive "fixing". 

Deker fixing the Trike also known as the Semi.
Keagan fixing the car.


Vera said...

I hope the "tractor" and car (and the van!) are all running great now!!!

Dangela said...

You are going to have a house full of handy men, Brenda. What a lucky woman!!