Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hair Raising?

My three boys were in desperate need of a hair cut.  But for some reason, it took forever to finally get around to cutting their hair.  One evening, we decided to comb out Deker and Keagan's curly hair.  This is the afro's they ended up with.
Thank goodness I finally cut their hair yesterday.  It made such a difference that even the neighbor kids noticed.  Also, Bauer got his first haircut as well because it was getting pretty scraggly in certain spots.
This morning, we went to DI to donate some things.  We decided to wander into the store for a little bit.  Bauer was in the shopping cart and got really excited sitting by a bunch of stuffed animals.  I got him out to see what it was he was looking at.  He grabbed this Winnie the Pooh bear off the shelf and wouldn't let it go.  After seeing how much he loved it, we couldn't resist buying it for him, good thing it was only $1.50.  I was able to get a picture of him with it this evening.  How could anyone resist such a face. 

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Dangela said...

Cute pictures. I can't believe Keagan and Deker's afros--WOW! And, Bauer is adorable with his Pooh Bear.