Thursday, September 15, 2011

Deker's 1st day of Preschool

Actually, if I am being completely honest, this was his 2nd day of preschool. 

I started a Preschool Co-op (Joy school) with Deker.  There are 7 kids in the co-op and each mom takes a turn teaching.  We meet once a week and Deker seems to really like it so far.  The first week was last week (Sept. 6).  I was the first one to teach and in the process of getting everything ready, I forgot to take a picture of him.  So, I made sure to do it this week before heading out the door.  Unfortunately, the battery on the camera was dying, so this is all I got. 
Bauer was wanting to get in the picture as well, so I was able to get one of both of them. 


Dangela said...

What big, handsome boys! Have fun in pre-school, Deker.

Em and Tom said...

Your boys are growing up too fast!!! Love your blog, and miss ya:)