Monday, May 30, 2011

All Boys

You know you are a mom of boys when:

-At breakfast you hear "my spoon is the tractor's scoop scooping up the cereal" and makes tractor noise while eating cereal and holding the spoon by only two fingers.
-At lunch you have to say, "your sandwich is not a car/train/tractor, etc., it is just to eat".
-You hear "my fork is a Jackhammer, jacking the noodles and putting them into the dump truck (their mouth)".
-While waiting for Dad to get home to go somewhere and you tell your child they can't dig in the dirt because we have to go somewhere and they have a complete meltdown.
-Your child's hand gets caught in the door while going outside and while you are trying to console them they start cry even harder, only to find out that they are just mad because you are stopping them from going outside to dig and the moment you realize that and let them go, said child immediately stops crying and runs outside to dig.
-While getting dressed you hear "My hand is the claw of the tractor" and makes tractor noises while very robotically picking up each item of clothing with claw-like hands and putting them on.
-You come home from the library one day and realize you have 15 tractor/truck/train books and make them each pick out 4 to keep and take the rest back. 
-Your kids know exactly where in the library to find the tractor books and you tell them, they can each pick out 2 tractor books and that is it, but somehow when you start checking out, at least one child sneaks in an extra book. 
-You decide to make the boys personalize T-shirts and let them pick out their own design to put on their shirt and this is what they pick out:

Keagan chooses an Army tank.
Deker a track hoe.
 They choose a train for Bauer.
And just because...a Picture of my three boys swinging and enjoying one of rare beautiful days.


ang said...

I love boys!!!!! Ps those shirts are so so cute!

David and Leah said...

What a cute post--I now understand that the boys are just as obsessed with tractors, etc. as my Aubrey is with princesses! I need to copy you and do a post about being the mom of girls (and one baby boy that will probably play with barbies because he has two big sisters)!

Dangela said...

It sounds as those you have experience with this, Brenda!! I love your boys--they are ALL boy and have great imaginations.