Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Beautiful Day

We had some very nice weather last week and we really enjoyed being able to play outside a lot. Unfortunately, Friday was the last day of the nice weather and it has been cold, windy and sometimes rainy since then, but at least we were able to have a taste of what spring could be like.

On Thursday (last week) I went down to a kids consignment sale called Moppet Togs (it is held twice a year). I had heard that they only take stuff that is in really good condition, has no stains or holes, so I decided to head down there on the first day. I was really glad that I did, because I got a lot of really great clothes for the boys for the summer. I found out that on Saturday (the last day it was open) some of their stuff was half off, so Andrew went down with us again on Saturday and got a few more things. Between the two days, we were able to get lots of great clothes and some fun toys for really cheep.
On Friday I was getting the boys dressed and saw the great clothes that I got the day before and decided to dress them in their new clothes. After Keagan put his shirt on, he said that it was a "pretty shirt". All day long, he was only too happy to show people his "pretty shirt". They looked so handsome, I couldn't resist taking some pictures of them. This picture of Deker is the first time that I have been able to get Deker to really smile for the camera.
When the boys woke up from their naps on Friday afternoon, I decided that we would have a picnic snack in the back yard, so we grabbed an old sheet, our fruit and some toys for Deker and headed out to the back yard. We enjoyed sitting in the sun and letting our bodies soak up as much Vitamin D as possible. And that is where Andrew found us when he got home from work an hour later.
A lot of times when Keagan and Deker are sitting together, Keagan reaches over and holds Deker's hand. I think it is so cute. I was glad that I had the camera out there with me to take these pictures.

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Dangela said...

What a precious picture! It warms my heart to see. Thanks for sharing!

Angela Kolilis