Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update on the Family

There has been a couple of things that I have wanted to blog about, so I thought I would do one big post about the things that we have been doing.

First of all, Deker rolled over for the first time on Thursday. He rolled from his front to his back and he's become quite the pro at it.
Friday night was our ward Christmas Party. We had a good time visiting with friends. Santa even came for a visit at the end. Keagan wasn't too fond of sitting on his lap, but liked it just a little bit better when he got a coloring book. Here is the best picture that we got of it. I (Brenda) received a new calling in the ward. I am now the nursery music leader. We have 5 nursery's in our ward and I get to go around to all the nursery's and sing songs with the kids. Today was my first Sunday doing it, and it was so much fun. Now is my chance to learn a lot of fun Primary songs.

We finally got around to decorating for Christmas today. We were going to do it yesterday, but I got busy finishing some craft projects I had been working on. When I was packing up our Fall decorations today, Keagan found a bag and decided to pack it as well. He started going around the house and packing his bag. He kept asking Andrew and I for more things that he could pack in his bag. Here are two pictures, one of the inside of his bag and another of him carrying it around. He just had to find the tallest bag and use that one. With the help and inspiration of many friends and our ward's Super Saturday, I have had a a really good time doing lots of Craft projects. It is always fun for me to see my finished project. Here are some things I have done.

This first craft is a Christmas Card Holder. It is something that I had seen at a friends house last year. My sisters and I made them together over Thanksgiving weekend, but I didn't quite get it done, so I put the finishing touches on it yesterday.

This is an Advent calendar. A friend of mine from my ward does a craft night every month and this is what we did in November. I really love how it turned out. Who knew that a pizza pan could be so cute? This nativity set is one of the things I did at my wards super Saturday this year. They had the blocks all cut out, all I had to do is paint, sand and clear coat. I loved how they turned out.
This is a project that I did with Andrew's side of the family last year over Thanksgiving. It is quite fun to see it hanging on our wall this year.


Erin said...

Good job rolling over Deker, and good job Keegan (with Santa). Your decorations look great!

marilyn anne said...

Your little boys are so cute and look at that curly hair (I wonder where he gets it from ...)!! Congrats on the new calling - yea for music!!