Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Geese & Ducks

When Andrew and I were trying to decide what to do for dinner today, we decided to take a picnic to the park in downtown Boise. This particular park is by a river that has ducks and geese walking around and you can also go paddle boating on it as well.

As we were driving into the park, we drove by the geese & ducks and mentioned them. So, the entire time we were eating, Keagan kept asking to go see the ducks. Finally, we took him over to see the ducks & geese. We had a little bit of extra bread from our sandwiches and fed it to them. Then Keagan decided it was his job to pick up the feathers and throw them in the water. This made me quite nervous because he would get really close to the edge and I was afraid that he would fall in. Then he proceeded to run after them. There were some baby geese there and everytime Keagan got kind of close, the parents would hiss at him. Keagan thought this was kind of funny and then would hiss back at them. It was quite funny to watch.

P.S. It really wasn't cold enough for the hood, but when Keagan has his jacket on, he insists that he needs his hood on as well. There are some things that just aren't worth the battle.

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The Strong Family said...

Those Geese can be so mean. I remember being chased by a few when I was younger. It looks like Keagan had a lot of fun though.