Friday, June 20, 2008

23 Football Players????

This past weekend/week, we were able to have my parents and my little brother Neal visit us. My little brother is on the High School football team and him and bunch of his teammates came to the BSU football camp which was held from Saturday through Wednesday. On Tuesday, they had some free time in the afternoon and so it was decided that we would have all of them over for a BBQ at our house. Wow, what an event that was!!!! There ended up being 23 football players, 2 coaches, my parents, and us here.

Keagan is a big fan of Uncle Neal. So when we told him that Uncle Neal was comming for dinner, he was very excited. We were out front when all these people pulled up. At first Keagan was excited about Uncle Neal, but then when he saw all these big guys getting out of the vehicles and he didn't quite know what to think.

After everyone ate, a couple of the boys started through a football back and forth. Keagan thought this was pretty fun to watch. A couple of the boys tried to play catch with Keagan which made them pretty cool in his eyes.

What did it take to feed these people?

54 Hamburgers
19 Hot Dogs
2 1/2 pounds of cheese
30 pounds of potates & 30 eggs for the potato salad
macaroni salad

It was fun to have them all at our house for a little while. Here are some pictures of the event.


The Strong Family said...

You are quite the amazing sister to host a BBQ for 30+ people. That looked like it would have been a lot of fun though.

Erin said...

Look how ambitious you are! You are eight months pregnant and feeding an army of hungry footballers. You deserve some extra rest/relaxation this week!