Friday, January 18, 2008

I've been tagged

So, I have been tagged. I don’t usually like talking about myself, but here is goes…

How long have you been together?
Andrew and I have been married for 3 years and 4 months. We have known each other for almost 4 years.
Who said “I Love You” first?
Andrew did. I was sure I loved him too, but I was scared.
Who is smarter?
Hmmmm. That is a hard one, but I think I might have to say Andrew. He has so many little facts stored in his head, it blows me away.
Who pays the bills?
Andrew earns the money, but I usually end up balancing the checkbook and sending off the bills.
Who cooks dinner?
It depends on the day. When Andrew is working, I usually do it. But when we are both home, sometimes he does it (more now because I have been so tired lately), sometimes we both do it.
Who drives when you are in the car together?
Andrew!!!! He likes to drive and I am more than content to be the passenger.
Who is more stubborn?
Me. Enough said.
Who wears the pants in the family?
Neither. We always consult each other on everything.

3 random things about myself.
1. I absolutely LOVE ice cream!!! Any kind (almost), any time of day and any day of the year. I can never get enough of it. In fact, a grocery store just put the “Girl Scout Cookie” ice cream from Dreyers on sale and though I don’t normally shop there, Andrew let me stop just to buy that ice cream.

2. I love to put on my comfy pants. I try to stay in regular pants at least until 7:00 at night, but since I have been pregnant and haven’t been feeling up to par, I think I apologize to Andrew at least twice a week or more for wearing comfy pants all the time except for when I leave the house. Andrew says it’s OK because he thinks I look sexy in them, but I don’t believe him.

3. I don’t really like road trips. I get bored sitting in the car for very long. The only thing that makes road trips worthwhile is the fact that I am going to see my family or else do something really fun at the end of the trip. Which probably explains why the return trip is a lot harder.

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