Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Misc. Happenings

Here are some random happenings around our house in the past month. 

With Spring comes mowing the lawn.  Deker LOVES to mow the law!  He checks on it daily to make sure it isn't getting too long.  Then when it does start to get a little to tall, he starts reminding Andrew daily (or more) that the lawn needs to be mowed and when are they going to mow it.  Deker actually said the other day, the people that make lawn mowers put the middle bar on so that when the kids that can't reach the top handle have something old onto to help push the lawn mower.  Here is a picture of Deker and Andrew mowing the lawn this spring.  Deker will hold on the "help" Andrew the entire time, both front and back yards.  He LOVES it!.  
Mother's Day found me sick with the stomach flu the night before and all day.  I am the Primary Chorister in our ward and I was really sad to not be able to go to church and see all the primary kids get up and sing the songs we had been working on for their Mothers.  Earlier in the week leading up to Mother's Day, Keagan came home from school holding a bag of foot scrub and said VERY excitedly "Mom, it say's Happy Mothers Day, but I crossed out day because I am so excited and can't wait until then, can we do it now."  He then proceeded to tell me how the made the bag and that his teacher told him they just put a little water on and then rub it onto your feet.  Unfortunately for him, we had a very busy week and didn't have time until Sunday evening to actually do it.  So, here I am in all my sick glory, getting my foot massaged by 4 very handsome boys.  I feel so loved. 
Our old 1999 van started having some problems with lots of little fixes in the past few months that Andrew could quickly do on his own.  Well about three weeks ago, the van started over heating very quickly.  Andrew looked into it and thought it was the radiator fan going bad.  After getting the radiator out, he found out that there was a hole in the radiator.  Just a few days of getting that problem solved, we started having major issues with the transmission.  So, the Saturday before Memorial Day found us van shopping.  Our neighbor kindly took the kids for the afternoon so that Andrew and I were able to go out by ourselves, which made the process so much easier.  We found and fell in love with a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country.  We feel so fancy and out of place in our new van with all the things that new vehicles have and without all the little quirks that our old one had.  The kids, of course, are thrilled with it as well. 
I have been wanting a nicer camera for quite some time and a couple of months ago we found a good deal on one.  I have been having fun playing with it.  Here is a picture I took of the boys out front one day.  With sports season in full swing, it has been fun to be able to take much better pictures of my boys out on the field. 

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