Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Garden A Glow & Santa

As has become a Christmas Tradition, we took the kids to the Botanical Garden for their Winter Garden A Glow.  We love going there each year.  This year, we decided to visit Santa while we were there. 

Here is Keagan telling him that he wants Markers for Christmas.
Deker asked for a swather, a concrete pumper truck and a trackhoe.  Just a little side note.  Andrew and I explained to Deker that sometimes Santa can't get you what you ask for but that Santa will bring him something that he knows he will like.  Deker then told us "As long as he doesn't bring me a doll or any GIRL things!!"
I LOVE this picture of Bauer.  As soon as he sat on his lap, he leaned right on him.  His request this year...a blue car.  Nice and simple!
Meeting one of Santa's reindeer.  This one is Prancer and he it 5 years old. 

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Dangela said...

I miss the Winter Garden Aglow. I thought about it this year and wished we could go. Glad you enjoyed it!