Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day

I had been looking forward to Memorial day coming up for a while.  With Andrew's work schedule (off on Monday and Thursday) and Keagan being in school.  There aren't very many days when we have a day to spend together as a family.  So, with the rare day upon us, we decided to just have a fun day.  We started off by going out to breakfast as a family.  After that, we came home, patched some bike tires, loaded up our bikes and bike trailer, made a picnic lunch and headed downtown.

For my family and friends that aren't from Boise, here is a little info.  The Boise River runs through Boise, pretty much from one end to the other.  On both sides of the river there are paved pathways called the Greenbelt that go right along the river.  It is such a popular place to ride your bike and walk or run, that there is a yellow line down the middle and you stay on your side of the pathway unless you need to pass someone.  There is even mileage markers showing how far you have gone. 

We got on our bikes by an old firestation, and rode for a few miles.  We then stopped and ate our picnic lunch.  We then rode some more, crossed the river and rode back on the opposite side, rode for a while, then stopped at a playgroud.  Then rode back to our van.  In all, we rode about 7 miles, but it sure didn't seem that far. 

Here is me, Keagan and Deker enjoying our lunch.
Andrew and Bauer.
One of the bridges we rode across, we stopped to see the water. 
A close up of Bauer at the bridge.
Bauer fell asleep at the very end of the ride. 
I think we all are excited to do this again soon.

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Dangela said...

What a great family outing! The Greenbelt is so much fun!!