Sunday, February 5, 2012


A few weeks ago, we got a package in the mail from my sister, Vera.  She had been to Kohls and they were having a really good sale on kids clothes.  Inside the box, was a shirt with a tractor on it, a pair of pants and very cool tractor silverware sets for each boy.  There was also a church outfit for Keagan.  Needless to say, the boys were in heaven. 
The next morning, we used the silverware the next morning for breakfast.  Here are the boys, playing with their tractor silveware while I made breakfast.
Eating our eggs with the Telehandler forks and Bulldozer Pushers. 
Eating our cereal with the Front End Loader Spoons.
Here are the three boys dressed in their new tractor shirts. 
And of course, doing their silly pose. 
Here is Keagan in his new church suit from Aunt Vera.  He absolutely loves it and wears it every week and talks about it throughout the week. 
Thank you, Vera, for such an amazing package!  There have actually been some times when the kids have had friends over and they have gotten out their silverware to show their friends. 

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Dangela said...

You look mighty handsome in your suit, Keagan! You have a very awesome aunt who loves all of you boys tons!