Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Crazy August

The last couple of weeks have been very busy, but very fun weeks. It all started out on Thursday, August 4, with my cousin Amanda stopping by here and staying with us for a few days on her way to Southern Utah to go back to College.  While she was here, we went to the Discovery Center.  As always, the highlight is the Shopping Center. This was the first time that Bauer actually really played in it and he LOVED it. 
One night, we were upstairs playing and Deker decided that he needed to put a "few" tools into his tool belt.  When I saw what he had done, here is what he looked like.  I am didn't know he could put that many tools in that little tool belt.
After Andrew got home and after Amanda left on Saturday morning, we drove up to Baker City, Oregon to visit with our good friends, Dan & Angela Kolilis.  We had so much fun that I didn't get the camera out very much.  On Saturday afternoon we went Huckleberry picking, those were so delicious.  After that we went back to see the house they are remodeling and their beautiful property.  We then went over to Angela's parents house and had dinner. 

On Sunday, after church and lunch, the boys got to go on Tractor rides.  Angela's parents own a ranch and they have a few different tractors.  Here is Keagan and Deker riding on a backhoe with Dan and Angela.  
 Dan, Keagan and Deker on the backhoe.
These next two pictures are of Deker on a tractor with Angela's brother, Drew. 
Deker driving the tractor.
Keagan's turn to drive the tractor with Drew.
Angela's parents had this really cool horse swing made out of tires in their orchard which the boys loved.
How many people can you get on a 4-wheeler?  Dan, Angela, Lucas, Keagan and Deker.  We had so much fun and can't wait to go back.  Thank you, Dan & Angela and Angela's family for the wonderful time!
On Monday morning, we  had to hurry and get all three boys unpacked, clothes washed and packed again because Andrew's mom was driving over to take them to Idaho Falls for the week.  Here are the boys anxiously waiting her arrival.  From the sound of it, they had a lot of fun. While all three boys were gone, I did lots of sewing which I will do another post on later.  Thank you Mark & Kathy!
On Friday, I met them all in Twin Falls and brought the boys back home.  On Saturday, we spent the day at Eagle Island State Park for Andrew's company picnic/party.  That evening, we got the van loaded up with all our camping supplies so that after church on Sunday we could go up camping. 

We headed up to Grandjean, Idaho which has natural hot water spring.  As we were heading out, we had to return a redbox.  We pulled into two places that we thought should have a redbox, but they didn't.  We finally found success at the third.  Then after all three boys were asleep, we realized that we didn't have cash or a checkbook to pay for the campsite, so we had to pull into a gas station along the way to get cash.

A little later Keagan woke up and about 15 minutes later told us he needed to throw-up.  Andrew pulls over gets him out of the van (which wakes up the other 2 boys).  He didn't throw-up, so we get back in the van.  Fifteen minutes later, Keagan says "I need to throw up" but proceeds to do just that before we can stop.  We get him out and cleaned up.  Then 15 minutes later, Deker has to pee.  Then 15 minutes later, Bauer messes his Diaper.  But, we finally made it to our campsite. 

We had a wonderful time, complete with lots of digging by the three boys.  We took trips each day to the hotsprings.  On Tuesday, we headed home.  There are no pictures of all this, because we forgot the camera at home. 

Our trip home was just at adventurous which started with the van not starting when we tried to leave our campsite Tuesday morning.  Then we had more adventures with a false alarm from Deker throwing up (We were smarter this time and had both boys go to the bathroom while we were stopped) and then Deker throwing up all over himself.  (Any advise on how to deal with kids who get carsick would be greatly appreciated!)  We had told the boys that we were going to go fishing, but with all of the craziness, we just didn't have time, but we promised them we would go on Saturday.

On Friday, I took the boys to the zoo which is always a fun thing to do.  This trip, Bauer was actually interested in seeing all the animals which was fun to watch.
Every morning since Tuesday, Keagan would ask what day was today and then would count down the days until we could go fishing.  So this morning, after Andrew got home from work, we packed a picnic lunch and went fishing.  We didn't catch anything, but it is fun to try. 
And that concludes our crazy and fun adventures that has kept us super busy this week. Now I need to brace myself for my first child starting Kindergarten.  Let's hope there aren't too many tears shed by me that day.  


Malma said...

Looks fun!!!

Cristie and girls said...

Looks/sounds like you've all had alot of fun this month! Thanks again for letting Amanda stay for a few days. She had a blast and was wishing she could have gotten to your home a couple days earlier.

ang said...

Wow you have been busy! Sounds fun! Davis starts kindergarten too - next week. I'm so not ready... :(

Nikki said...

My boys would die to go on those tractors! How fun!

Dangela said...

Love the last pictures of the boys fishing--it is adorable! We loved having you guys out at the ranch and can't wait until you get to come again.