Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation Part 2 (Petersen Family Reunion)

Andrew was able to join us for the second part of our vacation.  On Sunday evening, he flew down to Salt lake where my sister Jeanette and her family picked him up.  He stayed with them that night and then drove down to Cedar City with them Monday morning (Thanks Jeanette & Jeff).

We met up in Cedar City where we had lunch then headed up the mountain to our reunion spot.  It was a very nice place.  It was fun seeing my aunts, uncles and cousins that I haven't seen in several years.  Here is a picture that was taken on Wednesday morning of all that was there.  Just think, this is only about half of the descendants of my Grandma & Grandpa Petersen. 
Here is me and my family (minus my brother Cory and his family that had to leave early and my brother Neal who is on a mission in Brazil).
On Tuesday Morning, we sent to Mammoth Cave.  Andrew took Keagan and Deker in and I stayed out with Bauer who ended up falling asleep in the carrier.

On Wednesday morning, we hiked to Cascade Falls.  It was a nice easy 1 mile hike and it was beautiful.  Here is my family at the start of the hike.
At the falls. 
On the way down, I had Bauer in the front which was fine, but on the way back, it was harder because we were going uphill.  I switched Bauer to the back and he loved it even more. 
 Keagan and a couple of his cousins.
There was a sand volleyball court set up.  The kids LOVED playing in the sand.  Deker, of course, had his tractors out and loved using them to dig.
Keagan, Deker and a couple of cousins made a sand cake.  Here they are carrying it to someone. 
They decided to give it to my sister (their aunt) Marie.  What was even funnier is that after giving it to her, one of the girls decided that she wanted it back. 
My brother-in-law Joe brought up a friends 4-wheeler and my parents brought up their rhino, so there were a lot of rhino and 4-wheeler rides.
Here are some pictures I can't help but put on here.  First up, Bauer and my Dad.
 Bauer and his cousin Tyler.  This just makes me laugh every time I see it.
 Bauer being "chased" by his Aunt Vera.
The girls even snuck in some time to make some hair flowers.  I am so excited to now know how to make them.  Too bad I was having too much fun and didn't take any pictures.

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Dangela said...

What a great family reunion--I'm glad you had so much fun. The waterfall was beautiful!