Friday, January 15, 2010

Close Call!

I have one particular blessing that I have been counting lately. That is the blessing of having two boys and not yet having to take a trip to the ER with them. There have been some close calls, but luckly (Knock on wood) nothing too bad. Last evening was one of those times. Andrew and I were just starting dinner and Keagan and Deker were playing in the living room and down the hallway. There was lots of laughter coming from them, then all of a sudden we hear Deker start screaming/crying.

Andrew went to get him and when he first picked him up, didn't see anything, then a minute later when Deker finally let us look, we see a HUGE bump forming on his forehead just above his nose and right eye with a scratch in it. Luckily it wasn't bleeding or anything. Then as the evening wore on, we noticed that he also scratched the lower part of his nose and his upper lip.

Today, the swelling on his forehead is really down and it is starting to bruise a little and his lip is only slightly swollen, but you can really see the scratch lines down his head. Above is a picture of how he looks this afternoon. To me, it looks pretty painful, but he is playing like nothing happened.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what happened. They were playing down the hallway and we are assuming Deker fell and hit is head on something in his room, we are thinking maybe the corner of his dresser, but we really don't know. All I do know, is that this wasn't the first time either of them have been hurt and it definately won't be the last.


Tory and Elizabeth said...

In our case Boy=ER. I am not excited to see how many times we get to go this year, sigh.

Em and Tom said...

Oh my that looks like it hurt!!!!! How do kids bounce back so fast? You have such cute kids Brenda darling.

Dangela said...

Kids are tough! Hopefully you won't see the insides of an ER for a VERY long time!