Thursday, October 29, 2009

All in a Day

Today we had the privilege of having Daddy home all morning and afternoon (he had to go into work tonight at 7:00 to drive truck all night). First thing this morning Andrew went out and mowed our lawn. We bundled Keagan up with his coat, hat & gloves, but since Deker has a little cold, we decided it best if he stayed inside. He sat in our window seat and watched Daddy out the window the ENTIRE time he was out there. At one point I even tried to get him dressed but he went straight from the window in our room to the window in the dinning room. Then when Andrew went to the front lawn, he was pretty sad until I opened the front window blinds and showed him where Daddy was.
Keagan has loved to "play" the piano for quite some time. He puts his songbook up on the piano, turns pages and plays and sings songs. He even sometimes makes up his own songs. Deker has recently discovered the joy the playing the piano as well. Usually, he would just stand on one side of the bench and play, this afternoon he insisted on getting up on the bench with Keagan. It was a cute moment that I just had to capture.


Tory and Elizabeth said...

What sweet moments. It is amazing that we get to capture such moments now so that we can remember them forever.

Jason and Jen said...

So sad and so sweet of Deker looking out the window! I haven't talk to you forever and we are next door neighbors!! I'm hopeing next summer I will be able to hang out in the front a lot more with you!