Sunday, May 11, 2008


On Friday night, Andrew and I decided to take Keagan to the MK Nature Center which is in downtown Boise. It is a park that teaches about fish and wildlife. There are a few different streams and ponds with different stages and sizes of fish. They have places where you can look down to the stream from above and places that you can see the water & fish through glass (kind of like an outdoor aquarium. We hadn't been there for a long time and decided that we would do a family outing there. Keagan had a ton of fun looking at the fish, running around and seeing the flowers. Here are a few pictures of our evening. It was a lot of fun being outside and watching how much fun Keagan had.


Erin said...

We LOVE the MK Nature Center. Next time you guys want to go down, let us know. Keegen is growing up so much. It gives me things to look forward to with Tyler.

Tory and Elizabeth said...

I love those fish. That was the first park I had ever been to when Tory and I came to visit my sister here five years ago. By the way that birthday cake you made looks absolutely delicious, and way to hard for me to ever make, what an amazing mom.

kristy said...

Hey Brenda,
I decide to look your blog up and figure this blogging thing out. Keegen is so so cute. Your blog is super cute, you have done such a good job on it. Thanks for letting me check it out. Kristy