Sunday, March 30, 2008

Keagan's New Hat

This winter, Keagan decided that he liked hats. For a while, everytime we put his jacket or coat on, he would insist on putting the hood up as well. He has started to grow out of that a little bit, but once in a while he still wants his hood up and I have to try to convince him that he doesn't need it. For the past week or so, I have been saying that I want to get out Keagan's baseball hat from last summer and try it on Keagan to see if it still fits.

Well, last Friday Keagan discovered a new "hat" that he really had fun playing with. He looked pretty cute in it, so I took some pictures to show Andrew when he got home from work. Well, when Andrew got home from work that evening, I told Keagan to go get his hat. Keagan ran into the kitchen and Andrew asked me if I got his baseball cap out. I told him to just wait. Keagan came running back in with an empty Cherrios box that we had finished off the day before, but hadn't thrown away yet, on his head. It was fun to see Andrew's reaction as he had a really good laugh when he discovered that Keagan's new hat was a Cherrios box.

How did this come about you ask.....Well, let's just say Keagan has quite the imagination. There was an empty cereal box and an empty tissue box that needed to go outside in the garbage. When I started carrying them out of the kitchen, Keagan came up and wanted to carry the cereal box. As I am walking out to the garage, I hear Keagan saying "hat", I looked back and he had the cereal box on his head. So, of course, I just had to take a picture of Keagan looking very pleased vwith his new hat.

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