Thursday, September 27, 2007

My first 5K

Every year Boise has a Women's Fitness Celebration. The women's 5K run/walk/stroll is either the largest or the second largest women's 5K in the nation. This year there was about 12,500 women participating. A friend of mine talked me into walking it with her this year. It was a lot of fun and I was very proud of myself for doing it. Along the walk, they have several radio stations playing music and also some different "music" groups. They had some local kids playing plastic buckets and lids, they also had bagpippers and a women's quartet, all of whome were cheering us on. Also, just before you reach the finish line they have "tuxedo row" with several guys of all ages where tuxedo shirts & jackets with shorts.

The morning of the race was a very cool morning, but once we got walking, it didn't feel cold at all. It even sprinkled on us off and on which actually felt really good

The race ended at a big park where they gave out a fruit, yogurt and granola mix. They also had companies giving out bagels, water, milk, ice cream and cookies. Here are some fun pictures from the 5K.

The three of us that walked it together:

My favorite guy on tuxedo row. Notice his walker resting beside him.

Lots and lots of ladies walking.

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RaNell said...

I don't remember "talking you in to going". That was a lot of fun. Thanks for going with me.